hanuwabbit inspired me to make persona hoodies too. o(-<

Donno if this was already done but yeah… rough idea. Tomoe isn’t detailed enough QAQ

I actually want the Jiraya one…. I’ll probably make the others too! \o /


I can’t believe this real life dialogue from the Tales of the Abyss anime


I have never seen a more accurate portrayal of my creative process.


12th & 13th Dumb 4koma “Priorities” & “The Chair Ghost”

Enjoy the dumbness


ペルソナ4絵まとめ | たちばな [pixiv]

[ D A Y  2 1 ]

Shadow Yu & Shadow Yosuke


Bravest Warriors #24 is coming out next week, with this cover I did for it! Here’s some of the process work - I included some explanations this time. I don’t know if it’ll be helpful at all or just… verbose… but hopefully there’s something useful in there :>

1. Thumbnail

2. Tight sketch

3. Rough values painted underneath the sketch

4. Value painting on top of the sketch to tighten things up

5. Flat colors! Regular area fill for set pieces, and a few color/overlay layers to quickly indicate hues in the painting

6. Set lighting: using multiply layers to indicate the overall scene lighting raking across the wall, working out how that will interact with the portrait painting and lead the eye. Also continuing to paint in regular layers on top of the portrait.

7. Warming/brightening up the scene lighting, picking out highlights on the frame, softening some form shadow edges to add dimension, adding some rimlight to Catbug. Continuing to work up the portrait. Adding occlusion shadows under the frame and curtains.

8. Using a lighten layer to better expose and unify the areas of the scene struck by light. Lightening the shadow areas a bit to raise overall tone and prevent stuff from getting lost or too dark.

9. Pushing the lights even further to get a stronger afternoon-light feel and create better separation between light and shadow. Adding a soft glow around the light edges. And dust mote sparkles! :>

[Persona 4 Ultimax countdown - 9 days]

I’ll beat you up with my BEAR hands!!

Human Teddie or riot.